Unleash the Power: A Review of the CRAFTSMAN Electric Pressure Washer

Are you tired of spending hours scrubbing away dirt and grime from your outdoor surfaces? Do you wish there was a more efficient and effortless way to clean your patio, driveway, or car? Look no further because we have found the solution for you! In this blog post, we will be reviewing the CRAFTSMAN Electric Pressure Washer, a powerful tool that will unleash the true power of cleanliness in your hands. Say goodbye to back-breaking labor and hello to a cleaner, more enjoyable outdoor space. Join us as we dive into the world of pressure washers and discover the wonders that the CRAFTSMAN Electric Pressure Washer has to offer.

CRAFTSMAN Electric Pressure Washer


The CRAFTSMAN Electric Pressure Washer, Cold Water, 1700-PSI, 1.2-GPM, Corded (CMEPW1700) is a compact yet powerful pressure washer designed for outdoor cleaning tasks. With a maximum pressure of 1700 PSI and a flow rate of 1.2 gallons per minute, this pressure washer delivers strong cleaning performance. It is equipped with a soap applicator bottle, allowing you to easily clean with soap for added effectiveness.

The pressure washer comes with two nozzles, including a turbo nozzle, which provides a concentrated and powerful spray for tackling tough stains and dirt. The portable pressure washer wand features a comfort grip, making it comfortable and easy to use. It also includes onboard storage for the nozzle, pressure washer hose, cord, and wand, keeping everything organized and within reach for convenient use.

The CRAFTSMAN Electric Pressure Washer has a corded electric power source, meaning you don’t need to worry about running out of battery or fuel. It has a 20-foot hose length, providing you with ample reach for cleaning various surfaces. The product dimensions are 17.5″L x 9.25″W x 10.44″H, making it compact and easy to store when not in use. It weighs 17.76 pounds, making it lightweight and portable.

  • Power Source: Corded Electric
  • Maximum Pressure: 1700 Pound per Square Inch
  • Hose Length: 20 Feet
  • Tank Volume: 1.2 Gallons
  • Maximum Flow Rate: 2 Gallons Per Minute
  • Product Dimensions: 17.5″L x 9.25″W x 10.44″H
  • Item Weight: 17.76 pounds
  • Brand: Craftsman

Overall, the CRAFTSMAN Electric Pressure Washer, Cold Water, 1700-PSI, 1.2-GPM, Corded (CMEPW1700) is a reliable and efficient tool for your outdoor cleaning needs. Its powerful cleaning capabilities, convenient storage organization, and user-friendly design make it a great choice for washing cars, cleaning patios, and tackling other outdoor cleaning tasks.

Powerful Cleaning Machine
  • 1700 MAX PSI
  • 1.2 GPM
  • Soap applicator bottle included
  • Onboard storage for nozzle, hose, cord, and wand

The CRAFTSMAN Electric Pressure Washer is receiving positive reviews for its performance and affordability. Many users are impressed with the quality of this device, especially considering its low price compared to other pressure washers on the market. Despite its 1700-PSI rating, which may seem low compared to higher-end models, customers find that it provides more than enough power for typical household cleaning tasks. Users have successfully cleaned various surfaces including driveways, patio furniture, windows, and grills, and have even found it to be a cost-effective alternative to hiring professional cleaning services.

One reviewer, who lives in a townhouse and is required to do yearly maintenance, decided to purchase this pressure washer instead of hiring a company. They found the setup process to be easy and were pleased with the results on their back patio and driveway. The reviewer mentioned that the soap dispenser could be improved, but also noted that investing in a foam cannon is not necessary for basic cleaning tasks. Overall, they considered this unit to be foolproof and worth the price, saving them money and time.

Another reviewer expressed their excitement over the high pressure output of this pressure washer. They live in an area with low water pressure and struggled to clean their patio and yard. However, this device made the cleaning process incredibly easy and efficient. Although they faced some challenges with finding the right outdoor outlet, they are still highly satisfied with the performance of this pressure washer and plan to gift one to their daughter and her family.

Overall, the CRAFTSMAN Electric Pressure Washer is receiving positive feedback for its performance, ease of use, and affordability. It is recommended for homeowners who need a reliable and cost-effective solution for various cleaning tasks around their property.

Efficient Cleaning Power
  • Easy to set up
  • Works well for back patio and driveway
  • Saves money compared to hiring a pressure washing company
  • Perfect for simple cleaning around the house
  • Provides enough pressure for average homeowner’s needs
  • Limited access due to the plug not fitting in outdoor outlets
  • Soap dispenser is not of high quality
Recommended and affordable
The CRAFTSMAN Electric Pressure Washer is a highly recommended and affordable option for homeowners looking for a reliable and efficient solution for their cleaning needs, despite some minor drawbacks such as limited access and a lower quality soap dispenser.

Top Electric Pressure Washer Options for CRAFTSMAN Alternatives

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Factors to Consider When Choosing an Electric Pressure Washer

When selecting an electric pressure washer, there are a few important factors to consider. First, determine the power and pressure requirements based on the tasks you intend to perform. Look for a machine with a higher PSI (pounds per square inch) and GPM (gallons per minute) rating for more effective cleaning. Consider the size and weight of the pressure washer, as well as the length of the power cord and hose, to ensure it is easily maneuverable and reaches the desired areas. Check for additional features like adjustable nozzles, detergent tanks, and safety features like automatic shut-off to enhance functionality and convenience. It is also important to read customer reviews and compare prices to ensure you are getting a reliable and cost-effective option.

  • Pressure Output: Check the maximum pressure output of the pressure washer. Look for a model that provides sufficient pressure for your cleaning needs
  • Water Flow Rate: Consider the gallons per minute (GPM) rating of the pressure washer. A higher GPM means faster cleaning and better efficiency
  • Power Source: Verify if the pressure washer operates on electricity. CRAFTSMAN Electric Pressure Washers are designed to be powered by electricity, which is more convenient and environmentally friendly compared to gas-powered alternatives
  • Nozzle Options: Look for a pressure washer that offers multiple nozzle options. Different nozzles provide varying spray patterns and pressures, allowing you to adjust the water flow according to your cleaning requirements
  • Hose Length: Check the length of the pressure washer hose. Longer hoses offer greater flexibility and make it easier to reach distant areas without moving the unit
  • Cord Length: Consider the length of the power cord. A longer cord allows for more mobility and reduces the need for extension cords
  • Durability: Assess the build quality and materials used in the construction of the pressure washer. Look for sturdy and durable components that can withstand regular use
  • Warranty: Check the warranty coverage offered by the manufacturer. A longer warranty period provides assurance of the product’s quality and can be beneficial in case of any defects or issues
  • Reviews and Ratings: Read customer reviews and ratings for the specific model you are considering. Pay attention to feedback about performance, reliability, and ease of use
  • Price: Compare prices across different retailers to ensure you are getting the best deal. However, prioritize quality and features over price to ensure you are investing in a reliable and efficient pressure washer

Signs to watch out for that indicate the “CRAFTSMAN Electric Pressure Washer” may not be the right fit for you.

  • Limited power: If you require higher pressure and volume of water for your cleaning tasks, the 1700-PSI and 1.2-GPM output of this pressure washer might not be sufficient for your needs
  • Corded design: If you prefer a cordless or gas-powered pressure washer for enhanced portability and flexibility, the corded nature of this product may not suit your preferences
  • Specific brand preference: If you have a strong preference for other pressure washer brands and have had negative experiences with Craftsman products in the past, this may indicate that this particular product is not suitable for you
  • Inadequate for heavy-duty tasks: If you intend to use the pressure washer for heavy-duty cleaning tasks, such as cleaning large areas or removing tough stains, the relatively low power and water flow rate of this product may indicate that it is not the best choice for you
  • Price range: If the price of this pressure washer exceeds your budget or if you are looking for a more cost-effective option, this product may be considered unsuitable for you
  • Alternative features required: If you are specifically looking for additional features such as an adjustable nozzle, soap applicator, or built-in storage options, the basic design of this pressure washer may not fulfill your requirements

Understanding key pressure washer terms

  • PSI (Pounds per Square Inch): PSI is a unit of measurement that indicates the pressure level at which water is expelled from the pressure washer. Higher PSI values typically result in a more powerful and effective cleaning performance
  • GPM (Gallons per Minute): GPM measures the flow rate of water coming out of the pressure washer. It indicates how many gallons of water are used per minute. A higher GPM value often means more water is being used, which can be beneficial for larger cleaning tasks
  • Detergent Tank: Many pressure washers have a built-in detergent tank or a separate attachment. This tank allows users to add cleaning solutions or detergents to the water stream, enhancing the cleaning effectiveness for specific tasks, such as removing dirt, grime, or mildew

Frequently Asked Questions about Electric Pressure Washers

What are some common maintenance tips for electric pressure washers to ensure their longevity and optimal performance?

Some common maintenance tips for electric pressure washers to ensure their longevity and optimal performance include:

  1. Regularly inspect and clean the inlet screen or filter to prevent clogs and ensure a steady flow of water.
  2. Check the hose and fittings for any leaks or damage. Replace any damaged parts promptly.
  3. Clean the nozzle after each use to prevent blockages and ensure consistent pressure.
  4. Use the appropriate cleaning solution for the task at hand and follow the manufacturer’s instructions.
  5. Avoid running the pressure washer for extended periods without giving it breaks to cool down.
  6. Store the pressure washer in a dry and protected area to prevent water damage and corrosion.
  7. Follow the recommended maintenance schedule provided by the manufacturer, which may include tasks such as changing the oil, inspecting spark plugs, or cleaning the pump.
  8. Avoid using the pressure washer on surfaces that may be damaged by the high pressure, such as delicate wood or painted surfaces.
  9. Always use the appropriate extension cord size and ensure it is in good condition.
  10. If storing the pressure washer for an extended period, drain all water from the system to prevent freezing and potential damage.

Upgrade your outdoor cleaning routine with the CRAFTSMAN Electric Pressure Washer. Experience the power of 1700 PSI and 1.2 GPM to effortlessly remove dirt and grime from your patio, driveway, and more. Say goodbye to manual scrubbing and hello to a cleaner, fresher space. Find your new favorite cleaning companion today.

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