SKIL 7 Concrete Worm Drive Skilsaw SPT79A-10: A Must-Have for Every Builder

In the dynamic world of construction and building, the right tools can make all the difference. When it comes to dependable saws, the SKIL 7 Concrete Worm Drive Skilsaw SPT79A-10 stands in a class of its own. Offering unparalleled precision, efficiency, and robustness, this innovative tool warrants attention from seasoned builders and construction professionals seeking to augment their equipment arsenal. In this blog post, we take an in-depth look at the features and benefits of the SKIL SPT79A-10, providing reasons why it is an indispensable asset for every builder’s tool kit.

SKIL 7″ Concrete Worm Drive Skilsaw SPT79A-10

The “SKIL 7″ Walk Behind Worm Drive Skilsaw for Concrete – SPT79A-10” is an exceptional concrete cutting tool boasting worm drive power and durability. This unique concrete saw is the only one of its kind that is specifically designed with a walk-behind feature making it a comprehensive concrete cutting system.

The product is from the well-known brand Skil, and comes in multiple colors. The device is powered by a corded electric source, making it highly reliable. The blade, made of durable metal, is designed to cut through even the toughest concrete surface efficiently. The saw is recommended for use on metal surfaces.

One of the significant features that set this product apart is its foldability. The adjustable folding handle not only helps in extending to an optimal height but also conveniently folds for easy transportation and storage. The user-friendly two-finger trigger helps reduce fatigue and improves ease of operation.

The Skil SPT79A-10 measures 31.5″ in length, 11.4″ in width, and 11.8″ in height, and weighs 31.7 pounds. It runs on a powerful 120 volts and 15-amp electric current. The blade length is 7 inches, and this robust tool brings a whopping 1800 watts of power to your disposal.

The Skilsaw SPT79A-10 comes with a range of components, including a vacuum adapter with clamp, water feed attachment, side handle, multi-function wrench stored on the tool, and a handy carry bag.

This product, consisting of a blend of high-quality materials, offers a 180-day stay true guarantee and a 1-year limited warranty. Despite its advanced features and sturdy build, no batteries are required or included in the purchase. The power cord is 18 inches long, and the measurement system is metric.

Technical Specifications
  • The product is manufactured under the reliable brand, Skil, and carries the part number SPT79A-10, with the specific style being a Walk Behind Concrete Saw
  • The SKIL 7″ Walk Behind Worm Drive Skilsaw for Concrete is corded, operating on a power source of 120 Volts and 15 Amps. Its wattage stands at 1800 watts
  • The saw is designed for use on metal surfaces and comes with a 7-inch metal blade
  • The product comes with a variety of included components: an SPT79A 7 In. Walk Behind Worm Drive Saw for Concrete, Vacuum Adapter with Clamp, Water Feed Attachment, Side Handle, Multi-Function Wrench Stored on Tool and a Carry Bag
  • The product dimensions are 31.5″L x 11.4″W x 11.8″H, and the item weighs 31.7 pounds, making it easily portable
  • The item has a special foldable feature for ease of storage and maneuverability
  • It is provided with a limited warranty, which incorporates a 180 Day Stay True Guarantee and an additional 1-year limited warranty
  • There’s no need for batteries as the product operates on a corded power source, with an 18-inch cord length

In essence, the SKIL 7″ Walk Behind Worm Drive Skilsaw for Concrete – SPT79A-10 is a comprehensive, efficient, and durable cutting tool that delivers formidable power and precision to your concrete cutting tasks. With its foldability and ergonomic design, you can not only store it conveniently but also transport it with ease.

Effective and Durable Features
  • Worm Drive Power: Delivers unparalleled durability and cutting power for concrete
  • Adjustable, Folding Handle: Allows for optimal height adjustment and easy storage
  • Portable: Designed for easy transport, providing practicality for on-the-go tasks
  • Two-Finger Trigger: Reduces fatigue and improves operational convenience
  • Complete Concrete Cutting System: Provides all essential functions in a single tool
  • Superior Durability: Offers a long-lasting service life

The SKIL 7″ Walk Behind Worm Drive Skilsaw for Concrete – SPT79A-10 is reputed for its exceptional cutting prowess and unmatchable durability, becoming an impressive asset for those requiring robust and long-lasting equipment. It operates with unique worm drive power, which delivers unparalleled stamina for performing high strength concrete cutting tasks. Users have appreciated its stellar performance in cutting asphalt for repair purposes, making it an ideal tool for such applications due to the traditional depth of asphalt being a few inches. The saw’s stellar performance under even the most challenging tasks has warranted reviews calling it a ‘beast’ in terms of its capabilities.

In addition to its enviable functionality, ease of use remains at the forefront of the SPT79A-10’s design. Notably, the adjustable and folding handle supports the optimal height adjustment according to the user’s comfort and convenience. Additionally, the two-finger trigger feature alleviates fatigue and brings unparalleled operational ease. The overall design significantly aids in carrying it across work surfaces, tagging it as a highly mobile tool that offers amazing maneuverability.

Despite its supreme functional capabilities, users have expressed annoyance at the water line’s breakaway feature, even though its inclusion was likely guided by safety considerations. However, in terms of convenience, it is notably portable and designed for easy transport. The unit comes with a robust carrying bag, inclusive of blade pockets, and a spot on the saw for an included tool, reflecting well-detailed thought into its design. All in all, SKIL 7″ Walk Behind Worm Drive Skilsaw for Concrete – SPT79A-10 combines all the essential functions into a single, superiorly durable tool undoubtedly propelling it to the top of the league for concrete cutting tools.

Outstanding Advantages of SKIL 7 SPT79A-10
  • Powerful Performance: The SKIL 7 provides exceptional cutting power specifically designed for concrete
  • Comfort and Convenience: Features like an adjustable folding handle and a two-finger trigger significantly reduce fatigue and enhance operational convenience
  • Portability: The design of this tool prioritizes easy transport, making it highly practical for tasks that require constant movement
  • High Durability: This Skilsaw not only promises optimal performance but also superior durability, ensuring long-lasting service life
Performance Drawbacks
  • The water line’s break-away feature can be bothersome
  • Insufficient usage data for a comprehensive review; the performance of the product after the first use and over time is still uncertain
Highly Recommended
The SKIL 7″ Walk Behind Worm Drive Skilsaw for Concrete – SPT79A-10 stands out impressively for its robust power, exceptional cutting capacity, user-friendly design, and superior durability, positioning it as a top-notch choice for concrete cutting tools; a minor drawback is the breakaway water line feature which some find bothersome, though it contributes to safety, and long-term performance data is still needed for a full evaluation.

Alternative Products to the SKIL 7″ Concrete Worm Drive Skilsaw SPT79A-10

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Evaluating Key Factors for Choosing Concrete and Masonry Cutting Tools

Selecting Concrete and Masonry Cutting Tools requires careful consideration of the project size, scale and complexity. First and foremost, determine the type of work you need to perform; this will guide your selection between tools such as diamond blade saws, chisel and hammers, masonry saws, or angle grinders. The choice of tool also depends on the material you are working with, such as concrete, bricks, stones or tiles. For small DIY projects, a hammer and chisel might suffice, while larger, professional construction projects may require advanced tools such as Large walk-behind saws or Handheld cut-off saws. Additionally, consider safety features, durability, and the ease of use of the tool. It is advised to invest in well-known brands that offer a warranty and post-purchase service. Remember, the best concrete and masonry cutting tool will largely depend on the nature of your specific project.

  • Motor Power: Ensure the saw has a powerful 15 AMP dual-field motor designed for longevity and cooler operation
  • Build Quality: The Skilsaw SPT79A-10 should have a durable die-cast aluminum housing that will protect against damage
  • Cut Capacity: Look for a maximum cutting depth of 2-3/8″ without diamond blade
  • Dust Management System: The saw should come with a dust management system for a cleaner work environment. It should include a concrete dust attachment hose and a universal vacuum cleaner attachment
  • The Blade: Check that the saw comes with a diamond blade for high-quality concrete cutting
  • GFCI Protection: The device should have Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter (GFCI) protection on the cord to protect the user from electrical shocks
  • Cut-Ready Depth Adjustment Lever: This ensures easy and quick adjustments of depth and bevel for different types of cuts
  • Portability: It should be lightweight, around 16.6 lbs, for easy transportation and usage
  • Wet Cutting Kit: The Skilsaw SPT79A-10 should come with a wet-cutting kit to provide optimal dust and particle control
  • Warranty: Make sure it comes with a minimum warranty term, ideally the Skilsaw Stay True Guarantee and a 1-year limited warranty
  • Reviews and Ratings: Check customer reviews and ratings, preferably those that are verified purchasers to ensure their feedback is from actual use. It will provide more information on the product’s performance
  • Price: Compare prices across different dealers to ensure that you are getting value for your money
  • Safety: Ensure the saw has several safety features such as a blade lock for easy blade changes, a locking mechanism for adjustments, a metal blade guard for safety
  • Extras: Look for any extra inclusions such as tool wrench, water supply kit, or any additional blades in the package
  • Retailer: Purchase only from reputable sellers to ensure authenticity and adequate customer service

Identifying Red Flags: Signs that the SKIL 7″ Concrete Worm Drive Skilsaw SPT79A-10 May Not Suit Your Needs

  • You Have No Experience: Operating a concrete saw requires technical know-how and experience. If you are a novice or DIY enthusiast without prior experience using such heavy-duty equipment, this product may not be suitable for you
  • You Only Have Small Tasks: This product is a powerful tool designed for handling substantial concrete cutting tasks. If your need is limited to very small, occasional cutting tasks, investing in this Skilsaw might not be the best choice
  • You Have Limited Storage Space: This is a sizeable tool and you will need ample storage space to keep it safely when not in use. If you have a small workspace with limited storage room, you might want to reconsider buying this product
  • High Price Point: Heavy-duty tools such as the SKIL 7″ Walk Behind Worm Drive Skilsaw can be quite expensive. If your budget is limited, this product might not be the best fit for you
  • You Value Quiet Operation: Power tools like this Skilsaw often produce significant noise when in operation. If you plan on using it in a residential area where noise could be a problem, or you personally prefer quiet tools, then this product may not be suitable

Experience the power and durability of SKIL 7 Walk Behind Worm Drive Skilsaw for Concrete – SPT79A-10. Efficiently designed to increase your productivity in heavy-duty concrete cutting projects. Give it a go and enjoy your work with this reliable and innovative equipment.