RYOBI P450 One+ 18V Brushless Belt Sander: The Ultimate Power Tool for Your Workshop

The RYOBI P450 One+ 18V Brushless Belt Sander stands as a testament to the blend of innovative design and state-of-the-art technology, proving itself as a must-have asset in any proficient workshop. This blog post will delve into the outstanding attributes of this exceptional power tool, providing a comprehensive review of its performance, utility, and why it may just be the game-changing acquisition your toolkit needs.

RYOBI P450 One+ 18V Brushless Belt Sander


The Ryobi P450 One+ 18V Lithium Ion 3 x 18 inch Brushless Belt Sander stands as a high-rated choice for various home improvement projects. This versatile tool is cordless, allowing for greater flexibility while working on tasks involving furniture to flooring. Another key feature of this product includes a dust collection mechanism using an included bag or a capability to attach it to a dry vacuum for extended collection.

Thanks to its brushless motor, the Ryobi P450 provides enhanced runtime and a longer lifespan compared to its motor brushed counterparts. Operating at a fan speed of 850 feet-per-minute, this belt sander ensures a high level of comfort during its usage. This is further ensured by its well-engineered design, featuring a rubber grip and an adjustable pommel to guarantee optimal ergonomics.

Additionally, the motor is positioned at the front of the tool, thus ensuring a balanced weight distribution. With an included sanding belt, the Ryobi P450 Belt Sander provides a comprehensive package for potential customers who will need to supply a battery (not included) to start their project.

Technical Specifications
  • Brand: RYOBI
  • Item Dimensions: 7 x 5 x 7 inches
  • Grit Type: Medium with a Grit Number of 80
  • Voltage: 18 Volts
  • Power Source: Battery Powered (Note: Battery Not Included)
  • Item Weight: 6.54 pounds
  • Manufacturer: RYOBI, Model Number: P450
  • Item Package Quantity: 1 Unit per package

This product has the following specifications; it uses a medium grit type with a Grit Number of 80. The product dimensions are 7 x 5 x 7 inches (L x W x H) and it weighs 6.54 pounds. Manufactured by RYOBI and denoted by the part and model number P450, the item is not discontinued by the manufacturer. It comes as a single item per package, batteries not included, and interestingly enough, none are required due to the alternate power source available which is battery-powered. This creates a well-rounded, solid tool for all your sanding needs.

Key Features Overview
  • Brushless Motor: Offers extended runtime and longevity compared to brushed variants
  • Included Accessories: Comes with a reusable dust bag and 80-grit sanding belt
  • Adjustable Pommel: Allows for up to five different positional adjustments
  • 18V Lithium-Ion compatibility: Part of RYOBI’s ONE+ system
  • Wide Belt: Spans 3 x 18 inches for efficient sanding
  • Battery Not Included: Greater flexibility in battery choice, based on consumer’s availability or preference

The RYOBI P450 One+ 18V Lithium Ion 3 x 18 inch Brushless Belt Sander has received positive reviews for its ease of use and functionality. Many customers appreciate how the product surpasses their expectations, providing them with a reliable and efficient tool for their sanding needs. Featuring a powerful Brushless Motor, this belt sander not only offers an extended runtime but also demonstrates superior longevity compared to its brushed counterparts.

Accompanied by a reusable dust bag and 80-grit sanding belt, the RYOBI P450 offers an all-in-one solution for sanding tasks. Its Adjustable Pommel also enhances user adaptability, providing up to five different positional adjustments to cater to various sanding demands. Moreover, its Wide Belt, measuring 3 x 18 inches, facilitates efficient sanding, reducing manual effort and maximizing productivity.

One of the notable features of the RYOBI P450 is its compatibility with 18V Lithium-Ion batteries as part of RYOBI’s ONE+ system. While the battery is not included, this feature offers greater flexibility as it allows consumers to choose a battery based on their availability or preference. However, some customers noted that the belt may slide out of position during heavier applications, indicating that this tool might be better suited for lighter duties. Despite this, the RYOBI P450 remains a preferred choice for many due to its versatility, performance, and affordability.

Key Advantages
  • Extended Runtime: Thanks to its brushless motor, the RYOBI P450 offers extended runtime compared to other models
  • Included Accessories: The tool comes with a reusable dust bag and an 80-grit sanding belt—adding value and convenience to your purchase
  • Adjustable Features: The adjustable pommel allows for up to five different positional adjustments—providing versatility and ease of use
  • Flexibility in Power Source: The 18V Lithium-Ion compatibility means users can choose the battery that is most suitable for them, offering greater flexibility
Potential Drawbacks
  • The RYOBI P450 One+ 18V Lithium Ion 3 x 18 inch Brushless Belt Sander has less power compared to plug-in sanders
  • It has a tendency for the belt to displace or slide out during intense sanding
Overall, Reliably Efficient
The RYOBI P450 One+ 18V Lithium Ion 3 x 18 inch Brushless Belt Sander is a valuable tool with a remarkable long-life brushless motor, versatile adjustable features, and added benefit of a reusable dust bag and 80-grit sanding belt, although it may be better suited for lighter tasks due to occasional belt displacement in heavy-duty usage.

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Unboxing and Review of Ryobi 18V Brushless Belt Sander

Guidelines for Selecting the Ideal Cordless/Corded Sanders

Selecting Cordless/Corded Sanders requires careful consideration and understanding of your specific needs. Firstly, you need to consider the type of job you’re planning to undertake. Cordless sanders are ideal for smaller, quick tasks due to their portability, but they may not have the same power and longevity as corded models. Corded sanders offer continuous power, making them suitable for larger, more time-consuming projects. Secondly, take into account the speed and power of the device, usually expressed in OPM (Orbits Per Minute). The higher the OPM, the faster and more aggressive the sanding. However, for delicate tasks, a lower OPM is preferable. Next, consider factors such as the design and weight of the sander, this will influence ease of use and fatigue during operation. Finally, the dust collection features should be looked into, an efficient dust collection system will help in maintaining a clean working environment. Always cross-check user reviews and ratings before making a purchase.

  • Brushless Motor: Check if the Ryobi P450 One+ 18V comes with a brushless motor. The brushless motor provides more power and longer tool life
  • Battery and charger: Ensure that the package includes the 18V battery and charger. Some models are sold as a bare tool without the battery and charger
  • Portability: Evaluate the weight and design of the tool. The Ryobi P450 is typically lightweight and cordless, making it portable and convenient for outdoor use
  • Dust Collection: The tool should include a dust collection bag to maintain a clean working area
  • Speed Control: Look for the adjustable pommel that allows for multi-speed control for optimum sanding results
  • Grip: Ideally, the tool should offer an over-mold on the top and the grip for user comfort after long periods of use
  • Belt Size: Ensure the belt size matches your needs. The Ryobi P450 One+ 18V typically uses 3″x18″ sanding belts, which are effective for large surfaces
  • Belt Tracking: Make sure it comes with an automatic belt tracking feature. This attribute ensures the belt remains in place during use
  • Be aware of the warranty: Ryobi usually offers a three-year manufacturer’s warranty which covers faults in materials or workmanship
  • Retailer: Buy from reputable retailers or sellers as they are likely to provide customer service support whenever necessary
  • Tool Condition: Especially if purchasing a pre-owned or refurbished unit, ensure the machine is in good working condition and all parts are present and functional
  • Price: Compare prices from multiple sellers to ensure you get the best deal. Consider the quality and all the features in the price you are willing to pay
  • Review Ratings: Check out customer ratings and reviews to get an idea of its performance and reliability

Identifying Red Flags: Key Indicators That the RYOBI P450 One+ 18V Brushless Belt Sander May Not Be the Right Fit for Your Needs

  • Dependence on Battery: This particular model does not come with a battery. It requires an additional purchase of a Ryobi 18V One+ battery to operate. If you’d prefer a tool that comes with a power supply in one package, this might not be your best choice
  • No Need for a Dust Bag: If your work atmosphere or the nature of your projects does not require a neat and dust-free environment, the added feature of a dust bag might not be enough justification for the cost of the sander
  • Non-existence of the Ryobi One+ System: This belt sander is a part of the Ryobi One+ system. If you have no other Ryobi tools and do not plan to invest in the system, this product might not be an optimal choice
  • Frequency of usage: If your sanding jobs are infrequent and sporadic, you might not benefit from the enduring longevity and durability of a brushless motor. It could be more cost-effective to opt for a lower-end model
  • Complexity: If you are new to using power tools or prefer a simpler tool, you may find the Ryobi P450 One+ 18V Belt Sander too complicated or bulky to handle
  • Price: This is a high-quality, professional-grade tool and its price reflects that. If your budget is limited, the cost of this tool may be a warning sign that it’s not the best choice

Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Cordless/Corded Sanders

Can you provide some specific examples of tasks or projects where the RYOBI P450 One+ 18V Brushless Belt Sander would be particularly beneficial?

The RYOBI P450 One+ 18V Brushless Belt Sander can be particularly beneficial in a variety of woodworking and home improvement projects.

  1. Furniture Refinishing: It can be used to remove old paint or varnish from wooden furniture before applying a new finish. Due to its powerful brushless motor, it quickly clears large surfaces while protecting the integrity of the wood beneath.
  2. Deck Maintenance: It assists in the maintenance of decks by stripping old paint or stain, smoothing rough patches, and preparing the surface for a new layer of protective coating.
  3. Floor Renovations: It can be used for smoothing wooden flooring or for the leveling of subfloor during the renovation process.
  4. Doors or Windows Restoration: The RYOBI P450 One+ Belt Sander works efficiently to smooth down aged wooden doors or window frames before painting or staining for a refreshed look.
  5. Handicrafts and DIY Projects: For all DIY enthusiasts, this tool can be used to smooth edges on your woodworking crafts and other projects for precision and a refined finish.
  6. Metalworking: Besides wood, it can also be used on metal elements to remove rust or old paint, and prepare the metal surface for new paint or finish.

Experience the efficiency and cordless convenience of the RYOBI P450 One+ 18V Brushless Belt Sander. It’s perfect for delivering exceptional sanding power for jobs of all sizes. Note that each set comes with a dust bag and a sanding pad but without a battery. Order yours today and discover how RYOBI’s innovative tools can upgrade your workshop.