QLT Marshalltown Wire Twister, 12637: The Perfect Tool for Secure Connections!

Welcome to our latest blog post. In this discussion, we are going to dive into the nuances of the QLT Marshalltown Wire Twister, model number 12637. Considered to be a reliable tool for creating secure connections, this product consistently demonstrates efficiency and durability. Whether you are a professional in the construction industry or a knowledgeable DIY guru, understanding the capabilities of this tool will significantly optimize your working process. Stay tuned as we elaborate on its features, benefits and best usage practices.

QLT Marshalltown Wire Twister, 12637


The QLT By Marshalltown Pull Tie Wire Twister, with the part number 12637, is a highly reliable and durable contractor-grade tool. It is expertly designed to safely and easily twist looped wire bar ties. This device is hand-powered and makes the task more convenient by completing the twist with a single pull.

The Wire Twister is made from a blended material which contributes to its sturdy and long-lasting nature. Its multicolored design gives it a unique and stylish edge. The product is lightweight, with a total weight of only 12.3 ounces, ensuring that it is easy to handle and operate.

Among its special features, the QLT By Marshalltown Pull Tie Wire Twister is easy to install, thus ensuring less time spent in set up and more on getting the job done. The tool comes with a comfortable rubber grip handle that is designed to be the perfect length to work efficiently for any job, enhancing its ease of use and efficiency.

The QLT By Marshalltown Pull Tie Wire Twister includes concrete rebar wire twister pull tie as a component, and despite its power of 1 horsepower, it requires no batteries to function. This feature reduces any additional expenditure on batteries, making it a cost-effective choice.

This product, with the model number 12637, comes in one size and has a concrete finish for added aesthetic appeal. Despite its high performance and durability, it has not been discontinued by the manufacturer, QLT by Marshalltown. It is available as a single package quantity.

Technical Specifications
  • Material: The QLT By Marshalltown Pull Tie Wire Twister is made of a blend of materials for optimum durability
  • Essential Components: The product includes a concrete rebar wire twister pull tie, essential for concrete and rebar cutting and tying tasks
  • Lightweight: The tie wire twister weighs just 12.3 ounces, making it easy to handle and operate
  • Brand and Manufacturer: This tool is a product of the reputed brand Marshalltown and is manufactured by QLT by Marshalltown
  • Dimensions: The product has compact dimensions of 1″L x 1″W, making it easy to carry and use
  • Special Feature: It has the special feature of being easy to install, offering user-friendly operation
  • Power Source: Being hand-powered, it doesn’t require any batteries or external power source to function
  • Rubber Handle: The tie wire twister features a rubber handle, ensuring comfort and a firm grip during use

To conclude, the QLT By Marshalltown Pull Tie Wire Twister is an efficient and reliable tool built to perform with precision and ease, making it a valuable asset for any contractor or individual requiring high-quality rebar cutting and tying.

Key Product Features
  • Contractor-grade quality ensures durability and long-term use
  • Safe and easy to use mechanism for twisting looped wire bar ties
  • Convenience feature allows for a single-pull action to complete the twist
  • Equipped with a rubber grip handle for secure and comfortable use
  • Comes in an optimal length tailored for efficient job performance
  • Ideal for concrete and rebar cutting and tying tasks

The QLT By Marshalltown Pull Tie Wire Twister, Concrete, Rebar Cutting and Tying, 12637, is a remarkably competent tool that guarantees exceptional workability and efficiency. As an elite contractor-grade product, its durability and longevity are unquestionable and this is reflected in the positive reviews it has garnered, with one customer labeling it a “Cool Tool.” The ease and safety of use provided by this wire twister are particularly notable; its mechanized twist function operates smoothly with a single-pull action, thus lessening the risk of over-tightening and breakage.

This product is not only reliable but also comfortable to use, even with prolonged engagement. Its design features a rubber grip handle tailored for optimal handling and comfort. Users have appreciated this feature, with one female reviewer remarking on the comfortable contouring of the handle. The grip design ensures the tool sits comfortably in the hand, reducing fatigue and promoting effectiveness, greatly appreciated by those involved in labor-intensive projects such as fencing.

Furthermore, the Marshalltown Pull Tie Wire Twister, optimized for efficient performance, excels in a variety of tasks. It is specifically designed for concrete and rebar cutting and tying tasks, making it indispensable in construction projects. Notably, one reviewer affirmed that it drastically accelerated the process of putting up 250′ of slat wood fencing, and has also proven useful in securing pipe panels to t-posts. This tool has left its mark as a trustful and multi-functional helper, and is highly recommended for anyone needing to use wire ties to secure something in any capacity.

Exceptional Features
  • Efficient and fast: The tool speeds up the process of tying and cutting, making it ideal for larger jobs
  • Versatile Applications: It can be used for a variety of tasks beyond fencing, such as securing pipe panels
  • Ergonomic Design: The handled is contoured for comfortable grip which is suitable for prolonged use
  • High-quality Construction: The tool is well-crafted and durable, ensuring long-term usage
  • Easy to use: Despite the initial learning curve, users find it easy to operate once they get the hang of it
Product Limitations
  • There could be a tendency to over-tighten, leading to breakage of wire ties
  • There may be a learning curve to using it effectively, potentially slowing initial productivity
Highly Recommended
The QLT By Marshalltown Pull Tie Wire Twister, Concrete, Rebar Cutting and Tying, 12637 is a durable, contractor-grade tool designed for efficiency and ease of use in a variety of tasks, and despite a potential learning curve and risk of over-tightening wire ties, it’s an effective, multi-functional tool with a comfortable rubber grip handle, ideal for larger projects, concrete and rebar works.

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Guidelines for Selecting the Right Wire Twisting and Rebar Tying Tools

When selecting Wire Twisting and Rebar Tying Tools, several key factors should be considered to ensure product functionality and longevity. The tool’s material should be durable—preferably robust metal like stainless steel—to withstand heavy usage. Pay close attention to the design of the tool. It should be ergonomic to ensure user comfort during continuous use. Additionally, consider the size and weight of the tool as these aspects can significantly impact usability and efficiency. The tool should also be versatile, compatible with a range of wire gauges and able to handle various lengths of rebar. With innovations in the field, one might opt for battery-powered or automatic models, which can significantly increase productivity. Lastly, it is advisable to choose a reputable brand that provides a warranty and good after-sales service.

  • Usability: Ensure that the QLT Marshalltown Wire Twister is user-friendly with comfortable grip handles. The tool should not be complicated to use even for beginners
  • Material: The wire twister should be made from high-quality steel or durable materials that can withstand heavy usage without wearing out quickly. Check if the tool is rust-resistant and corrosion-proof
  • Size and Weight: Check the dimensions of the tool. It shouldn’t be too bulky or heavy, which could make it hard to handle and tiring to use during extended periods
  • Efficiency: The QLT Marshalltown Wire Twister, 12637 should be effective in twisting and cutting wires of varying thicknesses. Check to see if it offers seamless operation without excessive force
  • Brand Reputation: The QLT Marshalltown is a known brand, so it is advisable to ensure the tool you are buying is genuine. Check the branding and logos on the tool
  • Price: Compare prices from different sellers to ensure you are getting a fair deal. Remember, a high price doesn’t always guarantee superior quality so it’s important to balance price with other factors
  • User reviews: Consider looking at user reviews of the QLT Marshalltown Wire Twister, 12637. These reviews can provide insights on the longevity and performance of the tool from people who have used it
  • Safety features: Check if the wire twister has any safety features like a locking mechanism or insulated handles to prevent injury during use
  • Warranty: Always ensure the product comes with a manufacturer’s warranty or guarantee. This usually acts as your protection in case the tool has defects or needs repair
  • Accessories: Check if the tool comes with any essential accessories like a carrying bag or extra blades that will enhance your usage

Identifying Red Flags: When the QLT Marshalltown Wire Twister, 12637, May Not Be the Ideal Choice for You.

  • Lack of Experience or Skills: If you do not have prior experience or knowledge in construction, rebar tying, or working with concrete, this product might not be suitable for you. This tool requires skills and understanding of construction and concrete work
  • No Need for Regular Use: If you do not require a wire twister on a regular basis, investing in a tool like the QLT By Marshalltown Pull Tie Wire Twister may not be necessary
  • Safety Concerns: The tool could be dangerous for someone unfamiliar with cutting and tying concrete and rebar. If you do not feel comfortable using such tools, it’s a sign this product is not for you
  • Lack of Portability: The QLT By Marshalltown Pull Tie Wire Twister is not a pocket-size tool, but rather something used in more professional settings. If you require a compact or portable tool, this might not be the best choice
  • No Access to Suitable Material: This tool is intended for concrete and rebar work. If you do not have access to such materials, or if your project does not involve these materials, the product would be unnecessary
  • Lack of Budget: If the purchase of this tool doesn’t align with your budget, it is a clear sign that this product isn’t for you
  • Maintenance and Durability: This tool requires regular maintenance and cleaning to ensure proper functioning and longevity. If you are not able to provide this care, the product might not be a good fit

Improve your concrete and rebar work efficiency with the QLT By Marshalltown Pull Tie Wire Twister. Experience the convenience of its smooth operation in cutting and tying tasks. Don’t miss the chance to incorporate this dynamic, reliable tool into your toolbox. Take the first step towards seamless construction work today.