Powerful and Reliable: A Review of the DEWALT Table Saw, 8-1/4 Inch

When it comes to tackling DIY projects or professional woodworking tasks, having a table saw that is both powerful and reliable is essential. The DEWALT Table Saw, 8-1/4 Inch, has been gaining a reputation for its outstanding performance and durability. Whether you’re a seasoned craftsman or a beginner looking to invest in a high-quality tool, this review will provide you with all the information you need to make an informed decision. Join us as we explore the features, benefits, and real-life experiences of using the DEWALT Table Saw, 8-1/4 Inch.

DEWALT Table Saw, 8-1/4 Inch


The DEWALT DWE7485 Table Saw is a powerful and versatile tool that is designed for accuracy and capacity. It comes with a range of included components such as blade guard assembly, non-through cut riving knife, anti-kickback pawls, blade change wrenches, miter gauge, and push stick, providing everything you need for a variety of cutting tasks.

One of the standout features of this table saw is its portability. It has a compact size, making it easy to transport and store. This is especially convenient for contractors and DIY enthusiasts who may need to move the saw between job sites or store it in a small workshop.

The rack and pinion telescoping fence rails on the DEWALT DWE7485 allow for easy and accurate adjustments. This ensures that you can achieve precise cuts every time. With a rip capacity of 24.5 inches, this table saw can handle larger materials such as 4×8 plywood or OSB sheets.

The DEWALT DWE7485 is powered by a 15 amp, 5800 RPM motor, providing ample power for a wide range of applications. The blade is made of metal and is 8-1/4 inches in length, with 50 teeth. It is suitable for cutting wood and metal surfaces.

Product Specifications
  • Brand: DEWALT
  • Size: 8-1/4 Inch
  • Power Source: Corded Electric
  • Amperage: 15 Amps
  • Blade Material: Metal
  • Special Feature: Brake
  • Included Components: Fence, Anti-Kickback Pawls, Miter Gauge, Push Stick, 24T 8-1/4 in. Blade, Non-thru cut riving Knife, Blade Change Wrenches, Modular Guard System
  • Product Dimensions: 22.75″L x 22.75″W x 13″H

Overall, the DEWALT DWE7485 Table Saw is a reliable and high-performing tool that offers convenience, accuracy, and power. Whether you are a professional contractor or a DIY enthusiast, this table saw can help you complete your projects with ease.

Powerful and Versatile
  • Portability
  • Easy adjustments
  • Variety of cuts
  • Power

The DEWALT Table Saw for Jobsites, 8-1/4 Inch, 15 Amp (DWE7485) is a highly recommended tool for both professionals and hobbyists. One reviewer, who has spent a good portion of their life in the construction industry, praised the saw for meeting all their expectations. They specifically mentioned its ability to rip thick maple with ease and the accurate alignment of the fence. Despite the noise, which is common for direct drive saws, this reviewer was impressed with the quality of cut and gave the saw their full approval.

Another reviewer was looking for a portable saw to replace their heavy Bosch saw for job site use. They found the DEWALT DWE7485 to be a suitable option, praising its power and lighter weight compared to their old saw. They appreciated the well-designed metal handle and heavy-duty rubber feet that prevented the saw from moving while cutting. However, they did have an issue with the fence, finding it difficult to keep straight or adjust for different cuts. Nevertheless, they still considered the saw to be reasonably priced and were overall happy with their purchase.

For the average user who needs a portable table saw for occasional projects, this DEWALT model is highly recommended. One reviewer found the fence and saw adjustments to be easy to use, and the saw cut straight and square right out of the box. While they mentioned that the miter gauge could be tricky, they attributed this to their lack of experience. Overall, this reviewer found the saw to be more than adequate for achieving straight and clean cuts on board materials.

In conclusion, the DEWALT Table Saw for Jobsites, 8-1/4 Inch, 15 Amp (DWE7485) receives positive reviews for its power, ease of use, and quality of cut. While there are some minor issues with the fence and miter gauge, the overall performance and portability of the saw make it a great option for both professionals and occasional users.

Powerful and Efficient
  • Portable and lightweight design
  • Easy to adjust fence for accurate cuts
  • Powerful motor for cutting through thick materials
  • Durable construction with heavy-duty rubber feet
  • Comes with a convenient on/off switch for safety
  • Includes a blade and push stick for immediate use
  • Reasonable price for the features and quality offered
  • Tricky to use miter gauge
  • Fence is not easy to keep straight or adjust
Highly recommended
The DEWALT Table Saw for Jobsites, 8-1/4 inch, 15 Amp (DWE7485) is a highly recommended tool for its power, portability, and overall performance, despite some minor issues with the fence and miter gauge.

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Factors to Consider When Choosing Power Tools

When selecting a power tool, there are several factors to consider. Firstly, determine the specific task or project you will be using the tool for, as this will help narrow down your options. Next, consider the power source of the tool. Power tools can be corded, battery-powered, or gasoline-powered, each with their own advantages and limitations. Consider the brand and reputation of the manufacturer, as well as the warranty and customer support offered. Additionally, look for tools with adjustable speed and variable settings to ensure versatility and suitability for various tasks. It is also important to consider the ergonomics and comfort of the tool, as you will likely be using it for extended periods. Lastly, read reviews and compare prices to ensure you are getting the best value for your money. By considering these factors, you can select a power tool that meets your needs and provides reliable performance.

  • Blade size: Ensure that the table saw has an 8-1/4 inch blade size, as specified in the model
  • Motor power: Check the motor power to ensure it is suitable for your cutting needs. DEWALT table saws typically have powerful motors ranging from 15-20 amps
  • Rip capacity: Consider the maximum rip capacity of the table saw, which indicates the maximum width of material that can be cut. Make sure it meets your project requirements
  • Build quality: Look for a sturdy and durable construction with high-quality materials to ensure the table saw is long-lasting and able to withstand heavy use
  • Safety features: Check for essential safety features such as a blade guard, anti-kickback pawls, and a riving knife to minimize the risk of accidents during operation
  • Fence system: Evaluate the accuracy and ease of use of the fence system, as it is crucial for precise cutting and ripping
  • Dust collection: Consider the efficiency of the dust collection system to keep your work area clean and prevent dust from affecting your cutting accuracy
  • Portability: If you need to move the table saw frequently, look for features like a compact design, foldable stand, or wheels for easy transportation
  • Accessories: Check if the table saw comes with any additional accessories like miter gauges, push sticks, or dado blade compatibility, which can enhance its versatility
  • Warranty: Consider the warranty offered by DEWALT, as it reflects the manufacturer’s confidence in their product and provides peace of mind regarding any potential defects or issues

Signs to Watch Out for: How to Know if the DEWALT Table Saw, 8-1/4 Inch, isn’t the Right Fit for You.

  • Size: If you are looking for a larger table saw, the 8-1/4 inch size of the DEWALT Table Saw may not be suitable for your needs
  • Power: The 15 Amp power rating of this table saw may not be sufficient for heavy-duty cutting tasks that require more power
  • Portability: If you require a highly portable table saw that can be easily transported to different job sites, the DEWALT DWE7485 may not meet your expectations
  • Cutting capacity: If you need a table saw with a larger cutting capacity, the 8-1/4 inch blade size of this DEWALT model may not be adequate for your specific projects
  • Features: If you are looking for specific features that are not present in the DEWALT DWE7485, such as advanced safety features or additional accessories, this product may not be the right fit for you

Understanding the Key Terms

  • Blade: The circular, rotating saw blade used to cut materials such as wood or metal. It is the primary cutting tool on a table saw
  • Rip Fence: A guide that runs parallel to the blade, allowing the user to make precise cuts by keeping the material aligned and preventing it from drifting away during the cutting process
  • Miter Gauge: A device used to guide the material at different angles to the blade, allowing the user to make angled cuts, bevels, or miters
  • Bevel Cut: A cut made at an angle other than 90 degrees to the surface of the material. Table saws can be adjusted to make bevel cuts for various woodworking applications
  • Kickback: A sudden and forceful backward motion of the material being cut due to improper feeding or other factors. It can be dangerous and cause injury if not prevented or managed properly
  • Dust Collection System: A feature that helps to capture and collect sawdust and debris generated during the cutting process. It improves visibility, reduces cleanup time, and promotes a cleaner and safer working environment
  • Riving Knife: A safety device mounted behind the blade that helps prevent kickback by keeping the material from pinching the blade, reducing the risk of the material being thrown back at the user
  • Throat Plate: A removable plate located around the blade, covering the opening in the table. It provides support for the material being cut and helps prevent small pieces from falling into the inner workings of the saw

Frequently Asked Questions about Power Tools

What are the essential power tools every DIY enthusiast should have in their toolkit?

While the DEWALT Table Saw for Jobsites (DWE7485) is a versatile tool ideal for DIY enthusiasts, there are several other essential power tools that every DIY enthusiast should have in their toolkit. Some of these tools include:

  1. Power Drill: A power drill is a versatile tool used for drilling holes and driving screws. It is essential for various DIY projects.
  2. Circular Saw: A circular saw is used for making straight cuts in wood, plywood, and other materials. It is great for cutting boards and sheets to size.
  3. Jigsaw: A jigsaw is perfect for making curved cuts and intricate shapes in wood, plastic, and metal. It is ideal for projects like cutting out patterns or making cuts in tight spaces.
  4. Random Orbital Sander: A random orbital sander is used for sanding surfaces to achieve a smooth finish. It is essential for preparing wood for painting or staining.
  5. Oscillating Multi-Tool: An oscillating multi-tool is a versatile tool that can perform various tasks like sanding, cutting, scraping, and grout removal. It is great for precision work and accessing tight spaces.
  6. Cordless Impact Driver: A cordless impact driver is a powerful tool used for driving screws and fastening bolts. It is compact and provides high torque, making it useful for heavy-duty tasks.
  7. Miter Saw: A miter saw is used for making accurate angled cuts in wood and other materials. It is essential for tasks like trimming moldings or cutting picture frames.
  8. Air Compressor with Nail Gun: An air compressor combined with a nail gun is ideal for quickly and efficiently driving nails into wood and other materials. It is commonly used in carpentry projects.
  9. Wet/Dry Vacuum: A wet/dry vacuum is useful for cleaning up dust, debris, and liquids from various surfaces. It is beneficial for maintaining a clean workspace.
  10. Measuring Tools: Measuring tools such as a tape measure, level, and combination square are essential for accurate measurements and ensuring proper alignment in DIY projects.

Upgrade your job site with the DEWALT Table Saw for Josites. Its powerful 15 Amp motor and 8-1/4 inch blade make it perfect for all your cutting needs. Don’t miss out on this reliable and durable tool that will help you get the job done. Shop now and experience the DEWALT difference.

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